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Fore Trading With GrandForex

5 Asset Classes - Over 200 Instruments. Trade Forex, Crypto, Commodities, Precious Metals, Energies and Equity Indices at GrandForex.

FOREX (FOReign EXchange) - The largest financial market in the world where currency units are traded. Similar to traditional markets, at Forex online the exchange rate of one currency is expressed in the number of units of another (conventional "money"). The accepted form of recording is called a currency pair, such as EUR / USD. In this case, the value of one euro (product) is expressed in some number of dollars (money). We offer you FOREX-trading on spot terms, which does not involve the actual delivery of monetary units, but allows you to profit from the price difference between the moments of buying and selling. On this page you can view forex rates online.

FOREX Specifications

Real-Time Swap Rates are available inside the platform.

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** - All systems have a restart time without execution and prices up to 10 minutes everyday at 21:00 GMT+0, but on Sundays the restart time is at 20:00 GMT+0

*** Liquidity bridge servers restart everyday at 21:06 GMT +0 (Sunday at 20:00 GMT +0). It can take up to 10 minutes with no pricing or execution.

* Certain instruments like metals & cryptocurrencies use Margin Requriement and have a fixed maximum Margin. For metals that is 100:1, for Major Crypocurrencies that is 25:1.

* Accounts with balances above $10,000 could be subject to leverage restrictions.

* Balances above $100,000 have a maximum leverage of 100:1 and can be further lowered to 50:1 depending on position sizes. For example, having a net exposure of over 50 lots in a single pair.

GrandForex reservers the right under its T&C to change the maximum leverage without any notice.

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