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Client funds

Client assets handling

Your assets are held primarily in cold storage and with a segregated liquidity account at our liquidity provider. We keep no more than 15% of our assets in hot wallets.

We work with regulated entities. Our counterparties are regulated in multiple jurisdictions – Cyprus, Estonia, Mauritius and more. Our wallet infrastructure is provided by a regulated Business-to-Business provider in Estonia that complies with EU standard of security and AML policies.

We keep separate cold wallets for company funds and client funds.

GrandForex doesn’t have any debt and in the unlikely event of a liquidation client funds should be first inline after expenses to counterparties to be recovered.

What does GrandForex do with my assets?

Our first priority first and foremost is to protect client assets from the hands of hackers and criminals who increasingly target blockchain companies. We do this by keeping a very moderate amount of funds in our hot wallets – which are provided by a regulated provider from Estonia.

We work with a regulated liquidity provider holding licenses in Cyprus, Mauritius and Vanuatu. We segregate customer funds and company funds by using separate cold wallets for either.

We run weekly reconciliation reports and adjust the wallets accordingly.

What happens to the money I deposit with GrandForex?

Each client has separate deposit addresses that work with smart contracts. Upon blockchain confirmation the funds are credited in our system. Then our smart contracts move the money to the company’s hot wallet. This principle is employed by most exchanges. From there we move some part of client money to separate cold wallets to ensure not too many funds are exposed in the hot wallets.

Depending on the ratio of funds available in hot and cold wallets some funds might not be moved to cold wallets. We strive to keep no more than 15% of our funds in hot wallets. The funds that we keep in hot wallets are there to ensure a smooth withdraw process by clients, while, at the same time safeguarding client fund safety.

What happens to my money if GrandForex goes into liquidation?

GrandForex doesn’t have any debt as such the only creditors it might have are providers due to receive money for services provided. In the unlikely event of liquidation clients will be due to receive the remaining funds. Funds in cold storage will immediately be restored to clients after the relevant legal process are completed. If you are categorized as a retail client, any money that we hold on your behalf will be kept in one or more segregated wallets. The Client Funds will be pooled with Funds belonging to other Clients (the ‘Omnibus Account’) and claims will be made against the Omnibus account.

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